Monday, December 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark 32!!

Marky!  Happy birthday!  We love you so much. Don't forget about that list of things we love about you. We meant every one. And we've got millions more! 

Sorry you have to travel on your birthday, but I'm glad you get to eat dinner with your friends tonight. We can't wait to see you later this week!!

Happy birthday!!!!
Love, m/s/j/w

"I have boy bangs!"

"What are you looking at?"

"If we win, we get free tacos!"

"Go-go-gadget arm!"

"I've got the pretty dancing partner at the wedding!" (--Mimi)

"Does this batting stance make my butt look big?"

"This is just a normal picture of me."

"Make sure you can see my trophy in the picture."

"There are probably like a billion girls that like me."

Will, is that you?

Birthday Mark Twain* with candle and a song!

"I wish it was my birthday." (--Will)

*A Mark Twain is a grilled croissant with fried egg, cheese, fresh basil, salt+pepper.  From IPSENTO, our have coffee shop in Chicago.  They named all their breakfast sandwiches after authors.


  1. Thanks for the awesome bday post, Meg!

  2. So cute! What a nice "blast from the past" post! Happy Birthday, Mark! That one photo did look a lot like Will too:)

  3. Happy birthday Mark! Hope you have a great day